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Detria Moore

Together, let's navigate life one prayer at a time

Join our community of God-believing, Jesus lovers who believe in the power of prayer.  Fellowship with us as we navigate the many stages of life, one prayer at a time. 

What you'll find at our site:

  • Encouragement

  • Bible study, devotional, and blog post

  • A podcast

  • Prayer! 


The bible studies will always have a focus on topics designed to draw you closer to God.  What will the podcast cover?  All the things.  The Bible.  Prayer.  Parenthood and homeschooling.  Current events. ALL THE THINGS!  Regardless of the topic, we'll always have a Christ-centered, God-honoring focus and will always include prayer. 

Why be a part of our community?

"The prayers of God's saints are the capital stock in heaven by which Christ carries on His great work upon the earth."

E.M. Bounds

The current climate in our country is so strained.  Tension is felt even among believers in the church.  This ought  not be.  This world is not our home.  We don't have time to bicker over things that don't glorify God and don't bring others to Christ.  Let's focus on the kingdom. 


I've felt a shift happening for some time. One that has convinced me now, more than ever, that we MUST seek the Father like never before.  I'm compelled to help people  be drawn closer to God. We must go deeper in His word.  We have to cling to Him. Many are pressed on every side with so many cares.  Sometimes, that's all we can focus on.  Meanwhile, there's a lost and dying world that needs the Church to shine the light of Jesus in the dark places of this earth.  But currently, the church seems just as divided and broken as the world.  We simply cannot stay this way any longer. Let's heal, so the church can show the world Jesus Christ. 


Everyday I'm asking the Lord to change me to be more like Him.  To remove those things that don't bring Him glory, and to draw me closer to Him.  If you're looking to grow in the Word together, encourage one another in prayer, and be a light to a dark world, join us!  Let's study the word, be encouraged through devotionals, and pray- without ceasing.  .  We need Him in this hour.  And like others, I'm simply using what He's given me to bring glory back to Him. 

Let's go deeper in God's word together.  Let's persist in prayer until mountains are moved. Let's navigate life together, one prayer at a time. 



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Speaking and teaching topics include:  prayer, parenting and homeschooling, women's encouragement, and Biblical studies

PO Box 3373

Lynchburg, VA 24503

Tel: 434-515-1128

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